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Building anything from the ground up is a lot like putting together a puzzle; it takes forethought, precision, and an idea of what the final result will look like to succeed. All the parts must fit together like a jigsaw for the whole to be whole and complete. But what if they don’t exactly click into place? When a project runs over time or over budget? That’s where Bid Win Expert comes in—exact estimations are where the magic happens. Bid Win Expert is the magic ingredient that brings together all the moving parts of a building project. It’s the instrument that gives general contractors a leg up in the bidding process by producing competitive quotes. So, if you’re a general contractor who wants to expand their business, get ready to bid and win like a pro with the help of Bid Win Expert.

Factors to Consider in General Contractors Estimates

When putting together estimates for building jobs, these are some of the most crucial considerations for general contractors. More information on these factors is provided below:

Labor costs

Wages and benefits for all employees, from construction labourers to project managers, are included in labour expenses. The price of labour may fluctuate significantly based on factors including location, industry, and needed expertise.

Materials costs

Expenditures for materials include everything from the price of concrete and steel to the price of electrical and plumbing fixtures. As with labour, the price of materials can range widely based on factors such as quality, quantity, and location.

Equipment costs

Expenses related to equipment include anything from major machines to smaller hand tools. The price tag for equipment may add up quickly, particularly for ambitious endeavours, and it will differ from one project to the next and from one piece of machinery to the next.

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Subcontractor Costs

Expenses for hiring specialists outside of the main construction team to do specific tasks are also included here. The money spent on subcontractors may add up quickly, so it’s crucial to provide an exact estimate for their services.

Overhead and profit margin

All indirect costs, such as office rent, utilities, and insurance, as well as a profit margin for the general contractor to cover their own costs and make a profit are included in the overhead and profit margin.

Other miscellaneous costs

Additional expenses for the project, such as those for permits, inspections, and legal representation. Predicting these expenditures may be challenging, but doing so is essential to avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

Techniques for Making Guesses

Yes, those are some of the most typical approaches to cost estimation in the building industry. More information on these approaches is provided below:

Methods of Estimating

Historical data analysis

Analysing data from completed construction projects may reveal trends and patterns that can be used to better inform cost estimates for new projects. Estimating labour expenses and pinpointing places to save money may be greatly aided by this approach.

Square foot method

The square foot approach includes making an estimate of a project’s price tag by multiplying the total square footage of the area being built or refurbished by the average cost per square foot. Cost estimates for big construction projects may be quickly and easily calculated with this approach, making it a popular choice for both commercial and residential construction.

Unit-cost estimating

The term “unit-cost estimating” refers to a method of cost estimation in which the cost of each unit or component of a project is estimated separately and then added together depending on the quantity required. For projects involving several identical pieces, or for predicting materials prices, this technique may be valuable.

Assembly estimating

Prefabricated walls or modules are only two examples of the kinds of preassembled components that may be used in assembly estimates. This strategy may be helpful for projects that call for a great deal of standardisation; it has the potential to save costs and speed up the building process.

Parametric estimating

Parametric estimating uses statistical analysis and mathematical models to predict how much something like a pipeline or a building will cost given known values for that something. For projects with many moving parts, this approach may be quite helpful.

Computer-aided estimating

To assist with cost estimation, computer-aided estimating makes use of specialised software. These programmes may be adjusted to take into consideration variables like labour rates, material prices, and profit margins, and they can greatly enhance the precision and effectiveness of cost estimates.

Importance of Accuracy in General Contractors Estimates

Accurate estimates are essential for the success of any construction project. Here are some reasons why


Reliable predictions form the basis of a sensible and doable project spending plan. Cost overruns, project delays, and even cancellations are all possible outcomes of providing inaccurate estimates.


To be successful in bids and acquire contracts, general contractors depend on precise estimates. Winning the project with a low offer based on faulty projections may be risky business that might lead to financial ruin.


Loss of business and a tarnished image may result when a general contractor fails to earn the confidence of their customers via providing reliable estimates.

Potential consequences of inaccurate estimates can include:

Cost overruns

When cost estimates are wrong, projects run the risk of going over budget, which may lead to frustration and wasted time and money.


Delays Inaccurate estimates might cause delays because construction companies might not have the resources to finish the job on schedule.

Legal issues

Problems with the law Inaccurate estimates may cause financial loss or physical damage, which can lead to legal problems and even lawsuit.

Strategies for improving accuracy can include

Thorough planning

Planning well is a must for producing reliable estimates. General contractors need to analyse the project’s requirements, make thorough plans, and anticipate and address any problems that may arise.

Accurate measurement 

Precision in measurement: Reliable estimations depend on precise measurements. To guarantee precise measurements of all project components, contractors should use cutting-edge tools and methods.

Regular updates

To maintain accuracy, general contractors should revise their estimates on a frequent basis. This might aid in spotting problems or adjustments that may have an impact on the project’s budget or schedule.


Working with other parties, such as subcontractors or subject matter experts, may increase the reliability of cost estimates.


Innovations in software and hardware have allowed for more precise estimations, streamlined procedures, and the discovery of cost-cutting opportunities.

Bid Win Expert Features

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Bid Win Expert is cutting-edge estimating software developed for the building trades. Some of its salient characteristics are described below.

Estimating software

Bid Win Expert’s estimating software is comprehensive, allowing contractors to simply and rapidly generate reliable quotes. Cost databases, editable templates, and computational automation are just some of the capabilities that come included with the product.

User-friendly interface

 Bid Win Expert’s intuitive design makes it a breeze for contractors to pick up and start using right away. The learning curve for new users may be lowered and productivity raised as a result.

Integration with accounting software

The billing and invoicing process may be simplified by integrating Bid Win Expert with accounting software like QuickBooks. As a result, contractors will have less chance of making mistakes and more time to get the job done.

Collaboration tools for team members

Team members may collaborate on bids, exchange information, and have real-time conversations with one another using the collaboration capabilities provided by Bid Win Expert. This has the potential to boost productivity by enhancing teamwork and communication.

Real-time reporting and analytics

Bid Win Expert provides contractors with real-time information and analytics so they can keep tabs on project development, allocate resources effectively, and spot problems or opportunities for improvement as they arise. Informed decision-making by contractors may boost final results.

Contractors may benefit from Bid Win Expert’s ability to expedite the estimating process, increase accuracy, and maximise project results by using this robust and flexible estimating software.

What’s included in General estimating service

The scope of a general estimating service sometimes extends much beyond the simple generation of rough cost estimates for building endeavours. Some of them are

Reviewing project specifications

The estimator will first analyse the project specifications, plans, and drawings to get a complete picture of the project’s parameters, needs, and schedule.

Measuring and quantifying materials and labor

The estimator will measure everything that needs to be measured and will calculate how much time and how many people will be needed to complete the project based on the plans and requirements.

Developing cost estimates

The estimator will use the dimensions and numbers from step 2 to provide a comprehensive cost estimate for the project, factoring in the prices of all materials, labour, and equipment.

Analyzing project risks

Potential risks and issues that may affect the project’s schedule, budget, or outcomes will be identified and the estimate will be revised accordingly.

Providing a detailed estimate report

All cost aspects, assumptions, and remarks pertaining to the estimate will be included in the report that the estimator provides.

Assisting with bidding and negotiation

The estimator may aid the contractor throughout the bidding and negotiating processes by providing supporting paperwork, answering questions, and resolving issues pertaining to the estimate.

If a contractor wants to improve their chances of winning bids, securing jobs, and achieving optimal results, they should consider using a general estimating service. Professional estimators may help contractors save time and money while lowering their risk and improving their odds of success.

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