Residential Quantity Takeoff Services

  “We have seasoned, expert estimators for residential construction estimating takeoff and cost estimation services for single-family/two-family houses or private dwellings projects.”

Residential Quantity takeoff services ?

Quantity takeoff and estimation services include multi-family residential buildings and all the materials needed to complete the house, structure, or project. Detailed raw materials requirements, including lumber, concrete, shingles, and floor tiles, to prefabricated materials such as bricks, plumbing pipes, light fixtures, and lengths of electrical cable can save millions of dollars.

Our team specializes in offering multi-family apartment estimates in the USA

Commit to a fast turnaround with reliable estimates. Bid Win Expert Services

We make excellent partners for contractors with years of experience in providing accurate estimations in over 10 to 20 states. Our team is committed to churning out detailed takeoff for projects of all sizes that help our partners win more bids and increase their revenue.

We’ve worked on projects of all types in construction and have always given our clients our best results.We gain so much trust from our clients past years and we consider it as our victory in this construction field.

An accurate residential estimate basis on the entire construction cash flows. Construction projects cannot succeed without accurate forecasting of costs, and it can cost companies thousands of dollars and cause unnecessary delays if there is any single mistake. Therefore a professional team of residential estimates can take off your project efficiently.

Our Residential Construction Estimating Services

Bid Win has a team of experienced residential takeoff estimators to serve you the best that saves you time, money, and effort. We’ll assess your blueprints meticulously before measuring the involved quantities. We deliver detailed estimations of the quantities of materials used in a project. Our clients are given a clear list of the materials needed in a project to start planning and budgeting accordingly.

Updated Software Technology

Our digital takeoff quantities using the updated software and consulting our construction cost database and RSMeans for zip-code pricing on your residential estimate, give accurate results. The bill of material is listed in CSI MasterFormat division-wise or by the pattern of CSI costs in EXCEL spreadsheets, review and send to vendors for pricing.

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Kinds of Residential Takeoff

Major kinds of quantities that are listed in your residential material takeoff include;

  • Prefabricated materials in numbers include light fixtures, windows, doors, hinges, etc.
  • Steel piping, lumber, moldings, and ducts, curbs, railings. Each material will have length and width measurements in the description.
  • Material quantified includes activities like concreting, excavation, backfill, etc.
  • Tiles, roofing, painting, plastering, and flooring.

Estimate includes the following material quantities costs

Foundation Works​


Partition Walls (GWB)​

Ceiling Works​

Floor/Wall Tiling Works​

Roofing & Insulation​


Metal Railings​

Concrete Works​

Steel Reinforcement​

Lumber Framing​

Masonry Works​

Wood & plastics​

Painting & Wall Finishes​

Painting & Wall Finishes​


Electrical Work

Plumbing Works​

This material takeoff description and quantities are detailed and accurate, providing satisfaction to having the right materials to complete your project, saving you time, money, and hassle-free.

What do we offer Residential Contractors?

The Bid Win residential estimating services team assists you in winning bids on your projects by producing bid estimates and paperwork. Our residential contractors manage your assessments and make your quotations ready to submit before the deadline.

Among the services we provide are:

Whether you need residential estimating or takeoff services or are interested in getting assistance for a highly complex residence, the best residential estimate and takeoff services are available here.

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Our Residential Estimating Services Portfolio

Custom homes​

Modular homes​



Home additions​

Home Improvements​

Single-Family Residential Houses​

Multi-Family Residential Houses​

Duplex/Triplex Houses​



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Process of Cost Flooring Estimation

Preliminary Residential Estimates

It’s crucial to have accurate budget data to work on a single-family home, a duplex, or a multi-family project. Bid Win provides budget, progress, and preliminary residential estimates to keep your project on track. After the introductory price becomes too expensive, many tasks must be revised and value-engineered. We will help you find these problems before they cost you thousands in interest and holding charges.

Pre-Construction Final Residential Estimates

An investor should obtain either competitive bids or a third-party estimate that can verify costs before commencing development. We deal directly with investors and lenders in third-party verification of preliminary residential estimates.

If you’re sourcing labor directly, these are particularly useful during negotiations with general contractors and subcontractors.

Multi-Family Residential & Apartment Building Estimates

Megaprojects need the opinion of an expert team to evaluate expenses. Don’t invest hastily or blindly. Construction expenses may quickly add up, particularly on more significant projects. Our staff can provide preliminary residential estimates and detect any difficulties. Our mostly clients request that we assist them with value engineering to reduce overall expenses. We’ve also contributed ideas for project management that will ensure a profitable conclusion.

Residential Architects & Residential Designers Estimates

One of the most time taking jobs is building a new house or remodeling, going back to redo design work after an architect’s design according to the client’s budget. We assist designers and architects through the design process to create design estimates for schematic, conceptual, design development, and final construction documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our commitment is to take care of your project and offer you the best services. some of our main services are

  • Providing complete plan estimates with a high emphasis on accuracy
  • Cost-effective solutions.
  • Exact Time Delivery of Estimates to meet your deadline.
  • Reduce overheads and only pay us when you need us
  • Consultation and increase efficiency by bidding on more projects
  • Customer support

In this Field, poor takeoff service can frustrate you, costing your business thousands of dollars in revenue! Bid Win offers you the best services with many experiences and our client’s reviews.

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