Bid Win Expert Estimating Supports Busy Contractors In Estimating And Winning Bids

Construction Takeoff Services

BID WIN EXPERT is an internationally recognised construction estimating company that aids contractors in securing contracts.

We estimate and take off the complete project based on local prices for you. We deliver construction estimating services for time-limited contractors.  The majority of contractors CARELESSLY the estimation since they are too busy managing their project sites. You have to concentrate on estimates only at night and on weekends since you are too busy monitoring tasks, delivering deliveries, and attending meetings on the job site.

Our Trade/Services

Bid Win Expert Estimating specializes in providing contractors and builders with precise and effective construction estimation services. Our team combines expertise with cutting-edge software to give detailed estimates, material quantity computations, and project schedules. We ensure that our estimates help you confidently plan and execute construction projects by paying careful attention to detail and a commitment to client satisfaction.


We adjust for local labour rates, and material prices, and even take a look at the region’s property value to come up with correct pricing because labour and material costs vary by location and zip code. That is why busy contractors may consider using our

We also provide a $1 MILLION ACCURACY GUARANTEE to back up our estimates, and our Errors and Omissions Insurance protects all of our clients.



To win the next job, you must have exact material pricing estimations. Using our concrete estimate services will help you to present the most competitive quote, increasing your chances of winning the contract while saving you time and money.


The electrical estimators work together to calculate the total cost sheets and labour man-hours needed to complete a project. Use our construction estimating services to get started correctly. Our estimators will ensure that your estimates are accurate and will save you time and money.


With our MEP services, you can increase your chances of winning every bid. Our skilled staff can assist you in calculating the cost before you begin the job. Get accurate material and labour takeoffs right now.


When it comes to catering to Mechanical Estimations, dealing with project size, layout, and other factors gets difficult. A clear and detailed strategy may make your clients happy while also giving you control over the project. Hire one of our experienced estimators to win your next bid!


The majority of people are interested in estimation services. So, let me clarify: what exactly are construction estimating services? It is the practice of estimating the costs required for building construction. However, estimating building costs is merely the beginning of a protracted process.  

Furthermore, profit margins in the construction industry are frequently razor-thin. Even minor cost mistakes might affect whether a contractor makes or loses money on a project. As a result, cost-estimating stages are numerous ineffective construction projects. These phases have a variable scale and precision.

Benefits of Using a Construction Takeoff Service

Without a doubt, the construction business is one of the most competitive in the world. The numbers and estimations you present to your client are the most important factors in converting leads into contracts. Professional construction estimating services increase your chances of closing sales and help you deliver projects on time and ensure maximum efficiency in your project’s finances.

Contractors, remodelers, subcontractors, and builders argue whether to do hard building estimation and quantity takeoffs themselves or engage professional construction estimating services.

It is critical to bid on projects with precise accuracy and speed, whether you specialize in renovation projects or new builds of any scale and budget. To acquire faster and more accurate material takeoffs, you must quantify construction materials in a variety of projects that demand specialized skills and knowledge.

Many contractors underestimate the project schedule and costs to be the lowest bidder and win the contract. However, this is bad for your organization and a recipe for failure, since you may find yourself in a scenario where you must finance the budget by sacrificing your operating profits.

In addition, many contractors are now attempting to outsource construction takeoffs to highly qualified estimators to reduce risks, and expenses, and maximize profits with efficiency. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons to hire construction estimating services.

Time is money

Estimation and takeoff are time-consuming, physically demanding, and boring procedures. So, you can save a lot of time and energy by hiring Bid Win Expert Takeoffs & Estimating. Because time is money, outsourcing estimate activities allows you to devote your time to other aspects of your organization.

Mind-Blowing Silence

You shield yourself from annoyance by outsourcing construction estimating services. You don’t need to hire full-time estimators or pay for overhead – there’s no need for a computer or a workspace. So, you don’t have to worry about legal claims that employees may bring against you for abusing their rights.

These difficult takeoffs might last hours or even days. So say goodbye to the time-consuming estimation task. Avoid boredom by delegating your takeoffs to our competent and seasoned minds. Also, with our assistance, you can concentrate on developing relationships and other aspects of the construction sector without having to worry about bid submission deadlines

Save your money

Also, You might feel that estimating the project yourself or through a paid estimating team will save you money. The truth, however, is quite the contrary. Vacation compensation, retirement money, sick pay, and overheads are enough to destabilize your budget. Furthermore, the issue can deteriorate when you don’t receive many orders regularly but want quantity take-offs on occasion. So, save your money by letting us assist you with our precise and detailed takeoffs.

Also, You might feel that estimating the project yourself or through a paid estimating team will save you money. The truth, however, is quite the contrary. Vacation compensation, retirement money, sick pay, and overheads are enough to destabilize your budget. Furthermore, the issue can deteriorate when you don’t receive many orders regularly but want quantity take-offs on occasion. So, save your money by letting us assist you with our precise and detailed takeoffs.

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More Estimates = More Projects Won

Job certifications are greatly influenced by the realisticness of your quote and bid. This is only achievable with highly accurate take-offs and price sheets. So, recruit that extra help that is critical to your success.

Why Choose Bid Win Expert?

Reduce your workload and concentrate on what is important. Also, outsource your construction estimating services to us and gain critical time for business growth. Instead of wasting time on the time-consuming estimate and takeoff processes, spend it on overseeing, submitting bids, creating customer relationships, and improving other key areas.

Leave the difficult work of construction estimating to our knowledgeable team. So, We will give you a complete budget design for your new projects, guaranteeing that you achieve exceptional outcomes on time.

Our construction estimating services ensure openness and precision. Therefore, our team gives you a detailed list of things, complete with quantities and locations. Our estimators identify any potential gaps or assumptions in the design or strategy, and every work is double-checked before being delivered to you. You can rely on us to produce exact and dependable outcomes.



The timer on your next project is ticking. Don’t let erroneous estimates hold you back. Our skilled staff of estimators provides you with quick and accurate quotes, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.


With our exact construction estimating services, you can remove the uncertainty from your next proposal and win more contracts. In addition, you’ll have the competitive advantage you need to stand out from the crowd, win more bids, and grow your business with our precise and accurate estimates.


With years of experience and an established history of delivering accurate estimates, our workforce has helped countless clients save time and money on their projects. Allow us to use our knowledge to help you take your idea to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bid Win Expert Estimating is an experienced estimating services supplier that provides precise takeoffs and building cost estimates to its clients. We have concentrated our efforts on construction estimating services. Our expert professionals leave no stone untouched when developing their cost-estimating draft. Our estimate will take into account all aspects of your project’s development. In addition to building materials takeoff and estimating, our employees are skilled at performing quantity surveys.

We are experts in commercial, residential, and industrial construction. We provide our experience in the following areas, in addition to many others:

Estimating for Business

Estimating for the Home

Estimating in the Industrial Sector

Estimating Services Building Estimating 

Freelance Estimating

Blueprint Estimating

Electrical Estimating

Our client’s portfolio comprises architects, building owners, general contractors, subcontractors, developers, insurance firms, banks, lenders, and many more.

Our labor and material costs are calculated using the most recent national database, which is updated on an annual basis. Our estimate experts are a group of project managers with substantial industry expertise. They recommend improvements based on variables such as changes in manufacturing efficiency, hardware, and so on.

We are all aware that working on a construction project necessitates committing all of your resources and time. We understand your requirements and recognize how difficult it is for a busy contractor to devote so much time on estimating. With our precise services, you can reclaim your time while receiving precise construction estimates and takeoffs. With the assistance of our experienced personnel, you can outbid more bidders and expand your company.

Our estimated takeoff delivery time ranges between 24 and 48 hours. It is determined by the scope of the construction project. A normal construction project lasts between two and four days. We can also handle a wide range of jobs that demand quick turnaround. You simply need to notify us of the bid deadline, and our estimators will assist you as needed. To make things more efficient, a little expedite fee is charged. You will also receive quick delivery by the given date.

Bid Win Expert Estimating is a dependable platform that uses multiple estimating applications to generate exact and cost-effective results. Our labour and material costs are calculated using the software shown below.



Swift Plan

RS Means 

Blue Beam

Quest Estimating 

Fast PIPE 


Yes, because we can help with the preliminary stages of planning and design. Our preliminary estimation services are designed for clients that are only thinking about putting together a team. As a result, we estimate the construction cost so that you may work effectively.

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