Sitework Estimating Services

“Bid Win Expert has been providing a wide range of site work estimating services to the construction industry. Our professionals specialize In Earthwork Volumes & Site Material Takeoffs.”

Sitework Estimating Services?

Sitework Estimating Services provides estimating, quantity takeoff, value engineering, and consulting services to the civil / site work industry.Takeoffs and estimates for site works are limited to earthworks (3D Cut Fill Demonstrations), Erosion & Sediment Control, Pavements & Pavement Markings, Sidewalks and Curbs, Landscaping, Irrigation, and Utilities & Trenching.

Sitework estimating required land developers, landscaping, and site work contractors that provide detailed estimates, 3D maps, cut and fill takeoffs.

Excavation contractors, subcontractors, architects, and developers rely on accurate work estimations. Bid Win site work estimating services allow them to reduce overhead costs and get more customers within a couple of hours. Our estimators have years of experience working with contractors on industrial, commercial, and residential projects in the USA.

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Estimating Site Work Costs For Contractors

Contractors can count on us to produce reliable estimates that can be used for budgeting, streamlining workflows, and preparing for unforeseen circumstances.

Our Portfolio

We use the latest software technologies in site work estimation. Our Professionals check efficiently and go through the drawing,plans and prepare accurate site work takeoffs of material and labor along with person-hours with other factors like construction equipment, insurance, logistics, safety, permits, and contingencies are also taken into account during our site work estimating services.

If you need any help or if it’s not affordable for you the expense of a full-time estimator and expensive software, or need an estimator to supplement your existing estimating department, We are Here.

We offer affordable Services

Our site work estimating services allow you to reduce overhead costs and get more customers.

Range of our Site Estimating Services

  • Estimates for preliminary work, comparison work, conceptual work, budget work, and bid work
  • Feasibility Study for Sitework: Analysis of the earthwork, cut/fill volumes, and cost estimates
  • Consultation on Land Development: Budgeting and Cost Control in Excavation Estimating Services
  • Assistance with Bidding: Bid comparisons, critiques, and advice on how to file bids effectively
  • Legal Claims Assistance
  • Value Engineering for Change Order Management
  • Quantity takeoffs & Cost Estimates: Quick, efficient, and accurate
  • Design Phase Estimating Assistance

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Our SiteWork Estimating Services Include

Public Projects​

Single-family & Multi-family Residential Sitework​

Commercial buildings Sitework​

industrial Sitework​

Water Treatment sites​

Planned Communities​

Parks and Tracks​

Golf Courses​

Sports complexes​

Swimming Pools​


Skateboards & Playgrounds​

Bicycle Racks​

Underground Structures​


EARTHWORK Estimating Services

Commercial contractors and excavators need earthwork estimating services to understand ​​the total cost of land preparation before construction. Our team of site work estimating services ensures that the quantity takeoffs account for every high and low elevation point, ridge, swale, breaking, hook, top/bottom of the wall, and pad elevation.

  • Site excavation report
  • Cut/Fill Quantities
  • Export or Import Quantities
  • Volume Reports
  • Top Soil Spreads

Bid Win Expert Project Management with Flooring Estimating Services

We offer competent estimating services at Bid Win Expert for flooring contractors, installation companies, carpet mills, architects, designers, and manufacturers. We always aim to minimize waste by considering all the patterns, inlays, and design elements with our wood floor estimating services. If you are a flooring contractor or supplier looking for the most accurate floor estimation, you can rely on our expert. It will allow you to invest your quality time & energy in managing bids and the supply chain.

Using the latest technology and customizations, we streamline the commercial flooring estimating process hassle-free.

From over the years of expertise & relationships with manufacturers, we combine our top-of-the-line software, and we are proud to do business with the same and top manufacturers today.With our long-term relationships with manufacturers & installers, we always ensure to provide the best cost estimates in no time.

Quantity Takeoffs

Determining accurate quantities for any job is critical to getting an estimate right. Our team ensures we develop a detailed, itemized, and accurate Bill of Quantities that truly reflects your project.

Cost Estimating

Our work prepares cost estimates by considering labor and material costs related to your company and combining those with crew compositions & productivity.

Bid Win Estimating has been a valued part of our development team over the last few years. Their cost and quantity estimates are thorough and well documented and are a reliable part of our budgeting process, which is critical to our land acquisitions.

Our Charges start from 150$ to $200 On Average, But It Depends Upon The Size And Scope Of The Project For Site Work Estimate And 3D Map.

Landscape and Irrigation Takeoffs

Our Irrigation and Landscape estimating services are designed to cater to the needs of landscaping professionals by providing them with a real-time cost analysis to set the profit margins and boost their business. Depending on the scope of work and the requirements set by the clients, we generally quantify the following items in our landscaping and irrigation takeoff

Site Improvement Estimation Services

construction cost consultants provide excavation estimating services and thorough consultancy in a specific trade: fences, gates, retaining walls, fabricated bridges, sports surfacing, tennis courts, traffic signs and signals, and playground surfaces. Irrigation, planters, vegetated roofing, edging, tree staking, and other site improvements are estimated, and contractors use the figures in bidding proposals and ordering of materials, project budgeting, and checking the feasibility of the project.

The contractor’s markup is calculated against each line item, and profit is accurately established.

Site improvement takeoffs include:

Our Features
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager ​
  • Award-Winning Customer Service
  • Proven to Have Improved Bidding Confidence
  • Provide Marked Plans at NO Additional Cost
  • Preparing 3D Site Maps
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