Flooring Estimating And Takeoff Services

“Our professionals have in-depth knowledge on how to quickly estimate various flooring works Whether large or small, complex or simple, our expert Estimators can take care of flooring takeoff estimates”

Flooring Estimating Services?

Flooring estimating is an integral part of any building project. To provide accurate estimates, flooring takeoff services categorize the amounts of floor materials required by finish type. The square footage of tiles, carpeting, and wood flooring, as well as the linear footage of the cove base, the number of transition strips, and so on, are all factors in a standard flooring takeoff. For a large commercial construction project, these types of tasks are time-consuming to measure the quantities of flooring material.

The estimation of residential projects can be done with manual calculations, whereas for big commercial jobs, it’s best to use construction estimating software for efficiency.

Flooring estimating can disrupt the estimating of a construction project. Hiring professional flooring estimating services from a trustworthy company like Bid Win for hassle-free and to save your precious time and lets you focus on other aspects of managing bids.

You can rely on Bid Win expert flooring estimation services if you’re a flooring contractor or supplier with a full plate in USA. Our professionals prepare flooring estimates for hotels, apartments, arenas, schools, etc. to understand accuracy in flooring measurement.

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Our Flooring Estimate Services include the following

Getting an accurate estimate requires determining the exact amount of each work, and our cost estimators always deliver a precise, itemized, and accurate Bill of Quantities representing your project.

Here are our Flooring Estimation Services:

VCT tiles

Leather flooring

Concrete floors

Vinyl flooring

LVT tiles

Fitness room flooring & mats


Wooden floors

Rubber floors

Dance floors

Epoxy floors

Stone floors



Cove base

Transition strip

Residential Flooring Takeoffs Services

By offering accurate takeoffs for residential flooring, we deal in the latest residential construction, home additions, remodels, and renovations of flooring projects.

Here’s the portfolio of our residential flooring takeoffs:

Residential Flooring Takeoffs Services

With in-depth knowledge and state-of-the-art skills, we’ve successfully delivered accurate commercial flooring services to various commercial projects.It includes:

Process of Cost Flooring Estimation

Calculating the per square foot cost of flooring is very simple.First of all to calculate the total cost of tile flooring, measure the area where you want to install the tiles, multiply the total area by the square of 12 to convert into inches. For one room install flooring tiles ,measure the area of the floor by an inch tape.  For more efficient calculation It is better to convert the entire area into inches and multiply the length by the width to get the total area of the room. After getting the total area, multiply it by 110%. 

The extra ten percent accounts for any miscalculations. On average, tile cost vary between $8-$24/sq.ft. This price includes the material as well as installation costs.

It can be done manually or by using a calculator to convert it into square footage. Several online foolproof calculators available for the calculation of this cost.

Bid Win Expert Project Management with Flooring Estimating Services

We offer competent estimating services at Bid Win Expert for flooring contractors, installation companies, carpet mills, architects, designers, and manufacturers. We always aim to minimize waste by considering all the patterns, inlays, and design elements with our wood floor estimating services. If you are a flooring contractor or supplier looking for the most accurate floor estimation, you can rely on our expert. It will allow you to invest your quality time & energy in managing bids and the supply chain.

Using the latest technology and customizations, we streamline the commercial flooring estimating process hassle-free.

From over the years of expertise & relationships with manufacturers, we combine our top-of-the-line software, and we are proud to do business with the same and top manufacturers today.With our long-term relationships with manufacturers & installers, we always ensure to provide the best cost estimates in no time.

Why Choose Bid Win Expert?

To ensure high accuracy during bidding and low waste during installation, we do the seaming for you in the software and offer you a seaming plan. We have a whole estimating experience in different flooring projects ranging from renovating tiny houses to large multi-family commercial projects.We take off the parts of all items of the flooring division that includes carpet, resilient, ceramic floor and wall tiles with our wood & tiling estimating services. We also do takeoffs for terrazzo flooring, which may be outside the scope of a typical flooring contractor.We also estimate other installation materials if any of our clients require estimates.

Features of Our Flooring Estimating Services

It always demands a precise estimate for all the relevant costs and specific working hours involved to bid on the lowest value to get the project. One of the most innovative solutions to overcome this issue is outsourcing the best flooring price estimators to a professional estimating company like ours.

Benefits you will get with our flooring estimating services

  • The best thing is that there are fewer chances to miss any opportunity.
  • The estimating efficiency also improves, directly impacting the project’s profit potential.
  • With our monthly takeoff packages, you can save up to 60 To 70% of the expenses compared to full-time.
  • Perfect, accurate flooring estimates
  • The best thing is that there are fewer chances to miss any opportunity.
  • Cost-effective estimates
  • Fastest delivery of estimates within 24-28 hours
  • More than 98% of bid winning ratio
  • Flooring price estimator restricts you from buying expensive construction estimation software and the cost of training staff by professionals.
  • Dedicated experts for flooring cost estimates for division 9 flooring trades.
  • We have certified construction estimators with credible accreditations such as AACE & AIQS.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free consultation as to bid filing and managing bid network profiles of the contractors.

Our Flooring Takeoff Spreadsheet mainly includes the quantities with the flooring, and comprehensive specifications of tiles and base will be provided in the line items description of the Estimates.

An ending check is generally performed with the help of a lead estimator to make sure everything meets the client’s requirements.

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