Rebar Shop Drawing

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In rebar drawing, information must be accurate to a fraction of inches. Rebar Detailing is preparing the shop drawings for the steel reinforcement. The purpose of Rebar Detailing is to make the work procedure inflow on an under-construction site by providing them with accurate and ready-to-fix rebars.

Rebar Shop Drawing

The Rebar Detailing Shop Drawings are prepared to incorporate the spacing of bars, area, rebar size or thickness, and lap of steel.

Rebar Detailer

A rebar detailer is responsible for creating drawings for steel fixers or placers. Rebar detailing drawings are based on the structural drawings of various building components because a structural drawing is complex and difficult to understand for less technical persons like steel fitters or site supervisors.

For the detailed interpretations of drawings provided by rebar detailers. Rebar Detailing assists project managers and site superintendents in accurately supervising the rebar installation at the work site.

Rebar Drawings Shop at Bid Win

We are a Rebar detailing specialist gaining practical experience in detailing with capacities to deliver on-time, cost-effective pre and post-bid Rebar estimating and detailing services.

Apart from the cost advantage, outsourcing Rebar Detailing and Rebar Estimating Services has several benefits. We provide accurate estimations for your Rebar Detailing and CAD Services outsourcing requirements. We aim to make easy and understandable drawings for laborers. The structural drawings are usually created by the engineers mainly concerned about the stability of the structure, and it makes the structural drawings confusing for the operations on the site.


Our Rebar Detailing included

There are some detailed Rebars

  • Foundation rebar details
  • Beams Rebar Details
  • Columns Rebar Details
  • Stair Rebar Details
  • Slab Rebar Details
  • Retaining Wall Details
  • Roof Truss Details
  • Shop Drawings details
  • As-Built Drawings details

We provide Rebar Detailing Services to cater to the demands of various structures such as Educational Buildings, Concrete Masonry Structures, Heavy Foundations, High Rise Skyscrapers, RCC buildings, Residential buildings, Industrial Buildings, and Parking Garages. Rebar Fabricators and Installers would like to work with us because our drawings are legible, easy to understand, and provide all the information they need to complete their work efficiently.

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Our Services

Concrete pricing demands an estimate in which an evaluation of demanding Rebar is involved for a certain construction project. We include the following services to our clients: fast, accurate quotes.

We provide accurate and standardized drawings, including fully blown-up placement drawings and concrete dimensional drawings

Residential Buildings

Mid Rise buildings

High Rise buildings


Commercial Building



Industrial Buildings

Concrete Masonry Structures

Our Rebar Detailing included

Rebar Takeoff Services

Rebar takeoff and estimations work. 

Estimators use two systems to takeoff quantities. However, in the USA, it uses an imperial measurement system, and it depends on the project’s requirements for which system must be adopted.

Screen Takeoff Technology

On-Screen Takeoff Technology’s key features are auto-count objects, multi-condition takeoff, overlay style sheets, and templates. It can also incorporate estimation software, which helps us reduce human errors by incorporating algorithms. 

AI-Powered Quantity Takeoff

In this method, the process is sped up to the friction of time, enabling contractors to bid faster and have chances to win the projects. This model utilizes artificial intelligence and the experience of cost estimators at the same time. This method uploads plans and details to an online management system. When details are received, the experienced estimators review the details and apply complex AI algorithms to remove the quantities. The most popular software used for this purpose is called BIM.

Our Accurate and Detailed Drawings

We provide precise details on bends, shapes, and lap splices to meet the requirement of your specific project. Any issues regarding project constructability are tackled instantly before the first piece of Rebar is bent or sheared. The detailed drawings provided by our rebar detailers often help our contractors to visualize the structures. In fact, with these detailed drawings, the task of ironworkers is highly simplified, as they know where to place and thus reduce the installation cost.

Rebar Drawing Services and Takeoff
  • Rebar placement drawings
  • Bar Bending Schedule – ASA Format
  • Weight & Change Order Tracking
  • 2D & 3D structures
  • Rebar Takeoffs
You Can Trust Us

Our expert rebar estimator fully understands the meaning and importance of producing an error-free bar bending schedule that can easily fit into the concrete framework to avoid rework and cost overruns.

  • Comprehensive estimation summary according to the client’s requirement
  • Rebar take off summary
  • A comprehensive list of different accessories that includes chairs, bolsters, wire mesh, ex
  • The output itself into MS Excel, Soule estimation formats, ASA estimation

Our strategy is to evaluate and deliver an accurate number of quotes for the required materials, accessories, and erection costs. We are certified enough to ensure that your construction project effectively runs at a minimum cost and gets delivered on time.

Our Expertise In Rebar Detailing

We show our expertise in the following trades of Rebar detailing services

  • Rebar shop drawings
  • Rebar 2D and 3D modeling
  • Bar listing in ASA format
  • Foundation details
  • Footing detailing
  • Total rebar estimation
  • Bar bending schedules
  • Roof truss and joint details
  • Retaining walls detailing
  • Concrete masonry detailing
  • Quality takeoffs and as-built drawings
Our Rebar Estimating And Detailing Tools

As a leading rebar detailing and Rebar estimating company, we specialize in detailing, drawing, and 3D modeling to offer comprehensive Rebar detailing services while including the following 3D modeling tools and international standards.

  • ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials)
  • CRSI (Concrete reinforcing steel institute)
  • ACI (American Concrete Institute)
  • BS (British Standard)
  • RSIO (Reinforcing Steel Institute of Ontario)
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